Advertising can increase traffic to your site almost immediately. Ads deliver your message directly to potential customers. They give your site immediate exposure, increase your traffic and generate quality leads that become customers.


Building traffic without advertising takes substantial time, money and resources to optimize your site through SEO; to gradually build legitimate links with other sites; to polish your website content, making it interesting and relevant to people and to search engine spiders.

While all those steps are needed to generate traffic organically and achieve the business results you want, advertising brings new visitors almost instantly.

Before you invest in any form of paid web advertising, take time to build your advertising campaign with proven practices in mind. We’ll help you identify and keep focus on each of them, because your advertising success is also our success.

Campaign Analysis & Design

An effective ad campaign calls for an understanding of your target audience, your competition and a clear definition of your expectations for the campaign. We’ll work with you to analyze these key factors. We’ll help you build a solid strategy and a campaign that targets your most qualified prospects.

This critical planning phase creates the foundation for everything that follows.

Choosing the Best Ad Format

Pay-per-Click (PPC) – Whether you advertise with Google, Yahoo or Bing, you’ll find competition for popular keywords can drive prices you pay for each click from a few cents to several dollars.

Pay-per-Milli (PPM) – When you choose PPM ads you pay for each 1,000 impressions or “views” of your ad. PPM ads cost less than PPC in most cases, and are often used to build awareness for your brand, product or company; or, to bring visitors to a landing page.

In addition, you can promote your business with ads that include text only, or banner ads that use a combination of text and graphics. And, you may choose to place your advertising on a non-competing company’s website or blog that receives many visitors, and pay them on a PPC, PPM or even a monthly flat fee basis.

We will work with you and help you choose the ad styles, mix and placement that deliver results.

Keyword Selection

Selecting keywords that are both affordable and effective is challenging. Popular keywords integrated into your ads may cost several dollars per click, while others may cost just a few cents each.

We understand the keyword marketplace and how Google, Yahoo and Bing have built their keyword programs and tools. We’ll consult and advise you on choosing keywords, key phrases and synonyms based on what you promote or sell; according to the characteristics of your target audience; and according to your budget.

Creating Effective Ads

Banner ads? Text ads? Search engine ads? What will your headline say? What will you say in the two short lines that cause the “right people” to click? We’re can help with these and other questions to create ads that generate the click-through rate you want.

Managing Your Campaign

An ad campaign generates mountains of data — Impressions. Clicks. CTR’s. Conversion Rate. Costs. These metrics give you the tools you need to continuously review and make adjustments. “Process improvement” is the goal of campaign management.

How can we help you?

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