Company Overview

Keeping the technology-side of businesses running efficiently has been the goal of the Westfield-based venture The Technology Experts, LLC since its inception in 2001.
Westfield resident Susan Pastuzyn, an Information Technology (IT) specialist who spent more than a decade working for both large and small companies including Lehman Brothers, Panasonic and MCI, shared how her home-based business began.

The Technology Experts, LLC was borne out of my strong passion for technology,” she explained. “The driving force of our enterprise is to help small businesses grow and prosper, which in turn inspires a strong economy. We provide services that keep the technology-side of a business running smoothly, allowing management to be free to do what it does best.

Because many small businesses do not have their own IT departments, and often employees not know where to turn when there is an issue, production slows, Pastuzyn noted. The Technology Experts, LLC offers companies hindered by a technology issue a place to turn, similar to the in-house help desks larger businesses provide to their staff.

The Technology Experts, LLC also offers individuals that same peace of mind when it comes to making the most of their home systems.

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