Network Design & Maintenance

We help make a business successful by creating a network design with technology that works efficiently, reliably, and securely.  Designing a network for a business involves researching the required size of the network, the basic services necessary, and the security and budget involved.  A company’s network might have multiple locations, commanding the use of wide area networking technologies.

The Technology Experts, LLC is well-experienced in regard to installing equipment and getting a network up and running.  We will determine exactly what a business needs to function at its best and make that happen within predetermined parameters.  Our experts will assist you in determining your network needs, including the applications, speed, and desired security measures.

We will consider both short term and long term business goals when identifying network needs.  Based upon the your company’s performance needs, we will assemble a topological design and discern where the equipment will be placed and how it will connect in order to optimize results.  Next, the size of each component the network requires will be determined.  We will then analyze how to meet the capacity requirements and ensure the reliability of the network on a regular basis. The Technology Experts, LLC will not only put your network structure together, but will be available for your continued network operation and maintenance.  We offer proactive, Managed IT Performance Plans that includes support checks for possible system failure and keeps hardware and software updates current, thereby maximizing your initial network design investment. We recognize that an effectively designed network means less effort, which means less time, and that ultimately leads to less cost.

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