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Example: Copyright 2010 Your Business Name. All Rights Reserved.
Examples: Number of visitors to the site? Number of lead/ sales? Number of people who sign up for your newsletter? Number of people who contact you to work for them? Other?

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1 = No or Irrelevant 2 = Nice but Not Necessary 3 = Average 4 = Important 5 = Very Important


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Your website will require a Domain Name. If you do not have at least one domain name, you will need to register one. You can check for domain name availability at . Domain Name Registration is currently around $15 per year.

Web hosting is how your website is stored 24 hours 7 days a week so it is always accessible by internet users. The Technology Experts, LLC provides webhosting packages at competitive prices. We will discuss options with you, and help you decide which package is best for you.

We do prefer developing websites that are hosted with us, although it is not requiired. We are familiar with our own servers, what platforms they run and what scripts will run on them.
Hosting with us includes free e-mail at, web stats, support, free setup and more. For current website hosting prices, please visit us at

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Seeing what your competitors have done is a great way to improve your image over theirs. Let’s study what they've done, and together we can improve your image over theirs. Please name the companies that you are in competition with, if they have a webpage, please list it within, and tell us what you think about it. If you would like to list more than 3 competitors, please email us your full list.
Competitor 1
What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? How can we make a better site?
Competitor 2
What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? How can we make a better site?
Competitor 3
What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? How can we make a better site?
What makes you stand out from the rest? Why are you the right choice? Make a list of the important reasons for potential customers to choose your business.

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In order to keep your ratings high in some search engines, it is important to keep your website up to date with new and fresh content. On average, how often will new content be added and/or updated to your website?

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Which of the following are you planning for your site? Check all items you would like. If you are not sure, speak with us.
Menu Items / Pages
We will need to know what pages you would like on your site, and how you would like your menu items laid out. Which will be your main items? Will the main items have sub-items? Please list the menu items and their sub-items. For example:
  • Home
  • Services
    • Service 1
    • Service 2
    • Service 3
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Industries
    • Industry 1
    • Industry 2
      • Industry 2 a
      • industry 2b
Where will the content for your website come from? Will you be providing it? Will we need to provide it?

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You must own the copyright, or have permission from the copyright owner, to use any photos, sound, video or media that you send to us. Stock photos can also be obtained from multiple websites (Some free, some for which you must pay). Some of these websites include: Getty Images ( iStockPhoto ( Shutterstock ( Fotolia ( Check the items on the list that apply:
What type of image or feel would you like to project? (choose all that apply)

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Search Engine Optimization is important ongoing process in order for your site to be found on the web by search engines such as Yahoo or Bing.
When creating your content, it's important that you consider keywords. If you were your own customer, what words would you use to find your company? For example, a training company might answer "teamwork training, management training, executive coaching, communications training, train the trainer, conflict resolution, managing change, training, strategic planning, facilitation skills, meetings, risk and empowerment” Keywords can also include your location such as city, state, country, etc. If you are a dentist with and office in Westfield, NJ, your keywords might include “Westfield New Jersey Dentist “ Westfield NJ Dentist”, etc. In priority order, list the 10 most important keywords for your website.
Please write a carefully constructed sentence or short paragraph describing your business / website. This is the description that will appear with your URL when you website if found via search engines. Please include some of the keywords you listed. This description should not exceed 320 characters.
Who is your target audience? What types of visitors do you wish to attract?
This is a really important question. Think about your target audience - when they look for a site or company like yours, what do they want to know? What are they looking for? What do you want them to do? For example, a realtor might answer, "My visitors will want to find local listings." A tax practitioner might answer, "My visitors will want to know when the next estimated tax payment comes due or what to do if the IRS sends them a notice that they are being audited." This list will be your guideline for the kind of content you will place on your website. Look at this question from various angles, such as what makes my product or service attractive, why should they buy from me? What's unique or special about what I have to offer?