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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

 cube Traffic WebIs your site found on the web?

So you’ve got yourself a beautifully ranked website, and no one is visiting it.  What now?  You’re frustrated and questioning why your site isn’t gaining you any business, despite the time and money you’ve invested into it.

Here’s a great analogy:  you’ve got a high performance race car, but you’ve discovered that it’s powered by a lawn mower engine . . . just because your beautiful race car looks nice, it doesn’t guarantee that it will function properly for you. . . in fact, given its internal mechanics, it probably won’t go far at all.  You’ve got to look under the hood and check out the inner workings to optimize your car’s performance.  You’ve got to do some updates,  analyzing, researching and revising. This same process holds true for websites . . . without the proper engineering and set-up on the back-end, a highly relevant site will rank poorly or perhaps not at all.  Your site needs to be SEO-friendly, not simply aesthetically pleasant.  Many individuals hire a web designer and get just that – a nicely designed site that goes nowhere (just like that race car with the lawn mower engine). What they really need is a mechanic (i.e., an SEO expert) who knows how to develop a site’s architecture with the specific goal of increasing its search engine rankings . . . in other words, a race car that’s ready to go places!

Some key points when optimizing your website:


  • Know your business goals
  • Develop a keyword plan
  • URL Structure
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Hierarchy Tags
  • Alternative Attributes
  • Content Development
  • Site links
  • Sitemap
  • Directory Submissions


  • Jump in with no business plan or goals
  • Skip keyword research
  • Put a bunch of “keywords” in the Keyword Meta tag
  • Use the same keywords on every page
  • Over optimize with too many keywords losing focus

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